• Cohabiting: What to Know When Moving In with Your Partner

    The big news around here lately is that Patrick and I moved in together! We’ve been dating for five years now, and it was time for the next step. But...

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  • 25.

    Today is my birthday…I’m 25! At this age you hear a lot about the “quarter life crisis” — you’re out of college, probably have a job or two under your belt, and...

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  • Summer Bucket List

    This summer has kicked off with A LOT going on — busyness at work, a week-long vacation, and Patrick and I moved in together (more on that later!). It feels...

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  • Thai Veggie Quinoa

    This Thai Veggie Quinoa recipe is my version of this recipe of the same name by Mary Beth Johnson, and it’s definitely something I’ll make again! It was quick, easy,...

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  • [VIDEO] TED Talk: Reshma Saujani on “Teach Girls Bravery, Not Perfection”

    I think you probably already know that I love TED Talks (I’ve shared TED Talks in the past on Power Posing, The Art of Stillness, and the question “Do Schools...

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  • 4 Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets (That Aren’t for Cooking)

    Did someone say kitchen gadgets? Count me in! I love anything that assists with organization or efficiency, especially in the kitchen! A few of these kitchen gadgets were things that...

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