Stories To Help Us Find Love in the World

Stories to Help us Find Love in the World | [EM]POWERED Blog

It’s very easy these days to think the world is full of hate, distrust, and fear, and to wonder, “Where is the love?” (cue Black Eyed Peas song). With near constant barrage of stories from mainstream media that seem to share the grimmest parts of life, it’s easy to think that’s all there is. There are good news sites out there, but they are not the mainstream — we have to seek them out.

In the wake of yet another mass shooting, yet another airport bombing, and yet another police shooting (this one quite close to home), I needed a reminder that the world is in fact made of love, not hate. And if I needed to provide this reminder for myself, so be it.

I asked some fellow bloggers to share a story with me; a story of love. It could be anything, big or small, that they witnessed or participated in that is an example of the goodness that we KNOW is still in the world.

Here’s what they had to say.

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On the Lake

On the Lake | [EM]POWERED Blog

Most Minnesotans spend as much of their summer as possible in, on, at, or around a lake. Minnesota is known as the Land of 10,000 Lakes (although there are actually more than that), and we have more coastline than California, Hawaii, and Florida combined.

I don’t know what it is, exactly, that makes Minnesotans love their lakes so much, but lake love is not hard to spot! Maybe it’s the sun sparkling on the water, or the potential for adventuring in a boat or kayak, or maybe it’s a sense of community when you run into friends when you’re taking advantage of the trails by the water. Whatever it is, in Minnesota summer = the lake.

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Cohabiting: What to Know When Moving In with Your Partner

Cohabiting: What to Know When Moving In with Your Partner | [EM]POWERED Blog

The big news around here lately is that Patrick and I moved in together! We’ve been dating for five years now, and it was time for the next step. But just because it was time, doesn’t mean we both weren’t nervous — moving in is a big step, and all big steps involve uncertainty.

I worried about Patrick moving in to my apartment — what if he was uncomfortable because it felt too much like my apartment and it never became ours? But eventually I realized what was important was to be together, and, come what may, that we figure it out together.

We received a lot of advice from our friends and family as we prepared for moving in together. Some of which we asked for, some we did not! 😉 But all of it was appreciated and has been helpful so far. I’d like to share some of that advice with you, in the hopes that it might make your experience easier.

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Today is my birthday…I’m 25! At this age you hear a lot about the “quarter life crisis” — you’re out of college, probably have a job or two under your belt, and start to wonder what next? I can’t say I’m not wondering what is next for me, but I’m not in crisis. In fact, it’s the opposite — I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

So while I look to the future with anticipation, here’s a quick look back with some highlights from 24.

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Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List | [EM]POWERED Blog

This summer has kicked off with A LOT going on — busyness at work, a week-long vacation, and Patrick and I moved in together (more on that later!). It feels a bit as if all the big, exciting things have already happened, but there’s a lot of summer still to come.

Minnesota in the summer completely makes up for Minnesota in the winter (although Minnesota can be pretty great in the winter too). There’s so much to do in MN in the summer, and Minnesotans know how to take advantage of the sunshine! I may be suffering from seasonal allergies right now, but that’s not going to stop me from completing my bucket list for this summer! Here are a few things I’d like to do while the weather is nice:

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Thai Veggie Quinoa

Thai Veggie Quinoa | [EM]POWERED Blog

This Thai Veggie Quinoa recipe is my version of this recipe of the same name by Mary Beth Johnson, and it’s definitely something I’ll make again! It was quick, easy, healthy, and the leftovers lasted most of the week (which is a highly important factor for me when it comes to whether or not a recipe is a keeper). And BONUS, I’m visiting my vegetarian sister in a few weeks, and this recipe has not one speck of meat in it — it’s going on the list of meals we will both like.

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Why Writing Is Hard

Why Writing Is Hard | [EM]POWERED Blog

Words are our most inexhaustible source of magic

—Albus Dumbledore

My writing journey started with a love of reading — I was entranced by the way that a person could put together words on a page to create something so beautiful it transports the reader to another place and time. The writer’s imagination and the reader’s connect in a way that can be very powerful.

Throughout my life, I’ve written stories and poems, songs and journal entries, research papers and opinion pieces. But I’ll let you in on a secret: I don’t love to write. Writing does not come easily to me. I would not call myself a writer.

But I feel compelled to write anyways.

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Minnesota Spring Photo Scavenger Hunt (and photo challenge!)

Although Mother Nature can’t seem to decide if it’s still winter or if spring has sprung here in Minnesota, with snow one day and sun the next (or snow one hour and sun the next…seriously), Minnesotans are itching to get outside.

If you’ve been following along here on the blog or on social media, you’ll know I’ve been working on my photography skills. I really enjoy taking pictures, whether with my iPhone or my DSLR, and I’m learning how to take the best quality photos on each device.

So when a friend asked me if I wanted to join her at a “minnstagrammers” photo scavenger hunt meetup, I jumped at the chance to practice my photography and to visit the beautiful Minnehaha Falls. It was also a great way to see and photograph my own city as if I were a tourist. Here are some of my shots from the scavenger hunt:

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[VIDEO] TED Talk: Reshma Saujani on “Teach Girls Bravery, Not Perfection”

I think you probably already know that I love TED Talks (I’ve shared TED Talks in the past on Power Posing, The Art of Stillness, and the question “Do Schools Kill Creativity?”). I’ve also recently began working with a nonprofit that helps young girls realize their amazing potential for, well, anything! And Reshma Saujani’s speech on why the world needs to consciously teach girls to be brave, not perfect, fits very well.

4 Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets (That Aren’t for Cooking)

4 Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets (That Aren't For Cooking) | [EM]POWERED Blog

Did someone say kitchen gadgets? Count me in! I love anything that assists with organization or efficiency, especially in the kitchen! A few of these kitchen gadgets were things that a friend recommended, or that I saw someone else using, and thought, ‘What a good idea!’ I wanted to pay it forward to all you organized people out there (yes, you!) and share a few of the kitchen gadgets I use everyday.

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